Sheriff Scott Hosts Band at Jail

Friday, December 20th, 2013 @ 2:18PM


The 2013 Kishwaukee Brass Quintet holiday season concluded with a memorable visit to the DeKalb County Jail, hosted by Sheriff Roger Scott and his staff. Sheriff Scott said the jail has never done something like this before. He said the experience was a positive one, and one that can be a good influence for inmates.

Prior to the jail performance, the quintet presented a set of concerts and interactive educational programs around the theme: Brass Christmas Party.

The group was motivated to provide the community with the experience of brass music, discovering that people enjoyed the sounds of a brass ensemble for seasonal and special events. They, and their audiences, agreed that “Brass is fun” !

The KBQ has now collected and rehearsed brass quintet literature suitable for church services, holiday events, funerals, weddings, outdoor events, children’s gatherings, adult functions, and a variety of social occasions.

Membership in the ensemble includes a diverse set of professionals for the modest performance schedule. The busiest time for the ensemble is the winter holiday season. However, spring, summer, and fall have begun to include more invitations.

Original quintet members Kevin Davis, Jerry Zar, Thomas Sims, John D. Smith, and Deb Shofner sought out brass quintet music from classical, jazz, and popular literature.

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