About Your Sheriff

retainbwEvery day, DeKalb County citizens depend on the Sheriff’s Office to provide fundamental services. These services directly contribute to the quality of life that all DeKalb County citizens have come to expect. It’s the sheriff’s job to ensure safety of the public by providing effective law enforcement. It’s important for the sheriff to be a respected leader among his consituents.

For the past 20 years, DeKalb County citizens have consistently affirmed the leadership of Roger Scott as their sheriff. It’s hard work. It’s important work. And, let’s face it, very few people are qualified for it! Sheriff Scott has solidly demonstrated his ability to lead DeKalb County law enforcement. It’s important that we continue to support his leadership, so that our county remains a safe and pleasant place to live.

Sheriff Scott encourages all citizens to do their part in keeping the community safe. One important program that Sheriff Scott actively promotes throughout the county is the Citizen’s Police Academy. The Academy has proven to be a successful and highly effective method of educating DeKalb County citizens just like you on how law enforcement works in DeKalb County. Citizens learn what they can do to make their communities safer places to live. The Citizens Police Academy is just one example of Sheriff’s Scott’s tireless effort to make sure DeKalb County is safe for all its citizens.

DeKalb County citizens know that Sheriff Scott stands ready to discuss and take action on citizens’ concerns, whether or not it happens to be an election year. After all, the Sheriff’s Office exists to serve and to protect the citizens of the county all year long, every year. Your continued support for Sheriff Scott is warmly appreciated.

Let’s keep DeKalb County a safe place to live. Let’s make sure our law enforcement organization continues to be led by an effective, experienced, and highly respected sheriff. Support Roger Scott for DeKalb County Sheriff! “Keep a hard-working sheriff working hard for YOU!”

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